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Very disheartening that the popslate 2 has been put off yet again. From memory this was due for delivery in March of this year. This morning i got an email that it would not be available until March next year. Quite possibly by the time they are able to deliver the iphone 6 case i currently have, even though they have also had to offer an iphone 7 version because of deleays,, i will have an iphone 8. No refunds available. I'm sure they have don... Read more

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Not only did I not raise dollar 1, all the friends I got to donate to get the ball rolling, I cant get paid. Cant fill in the web page bank info fields for funds to be transferred to my bank account. I keep getting emails telling me to update info but I cant. Doesn't work. Stuck in an auto reply feedback loop. The biggest disappointment was the lack of campaign promotion by indie themselves. I keep getting daily emails of product campaigns but... Read more

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Mind blowing ways to catch your money !!! Instead you will get Nothingh.Those scammers upload each day clip on youtube with lies to rubb people money . INDIEGOGO+AllBe1 =THE BIGGEST SCAMM ! Once they have your money, they give you NOTHING ! If any one get this item since now please post it ! My advice=Stay away from those nice lies. I pay for AllbeONe and get nothingh, bad is that PayPal refuse to solve this.It seems they made a lot of money... Read more

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This was the most awful job interview ever. First, it was being conducted thru Google hangouts, which is beyond unprofessional, but then when me and *MrsMoss were speaking, she disappeared in middle of the conversation. I felt like I was talking with a 13 year old. I literally found myself trying to make sense of the whole situation for 2 days afterwards. Im still not sure what to think about any of it besides it was truly the most... Read more

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Made a $$$ contribution for batteries over a year ago. Now find that it was all a scam. Indiegogo is a front for scammers

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This is what i got from Indiegogo Corp human resources hiring manager name Cindy Williams. Truly unprofessional. I would not donate a penney to this company let alone work for them.

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The instructions to get paid for a flexible funding campaign that ended won't lead to any banking information. And after a year of trying to get the ten dollars donated, I have never been able to get to the page that offers payments. In retrospect, I am probably grateful that they don't have my banking information. I keep getting the run around out of the HAPPINESS group of the company. Their instructions don't lead to any page that resembles... Read more

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The item I funded Mokacam, is not up to the standard advertised before funding. The camera arrived months late and with poor quality features. The smartphone app which allows you to view what the camera is capturing malfunctions. It causes both devices to overheat consistently. I knew the camera was junk when I opened the box and it had marks on it. I emailed and called Indiegogo but no help on either side. The business... Read more

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I purchased a Furbo dog treat dispenser from this site. Indiegogo quickly took the money out of my bank account through Paypal although the product is not available and would not be shipped for months. I tried contacting the campaign owner several times to cancel the order and request a refund. I did not receive a response. I opened a dispute through paypal and now Indiegogo is refusing to return the money although they are the company that... Read more

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SCAM SCAM SCAM....I donated to MY OWN Campaign and 2 months after it is closed they still have not refunded my $1,0000...clearly a SCAM site....stay away! Further they said service is free BUT you get 30+ emails asking for money or they do not promote your campaign.....SCAM SCAM SCAM scam scam scam scam scam scam scam scam scam scam scam scam scam scam scam scam scam scam scam scam scam scam scam scam scam scam scam scam scam scam scam scam scam... Read more

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